Pounds of Chemicals Reported
(units are in pounds, rounded to the nearest whole number)

Inputs and outputs are reported in pounds.
I1 Input 1 January 1 Inventory O4 Output 4 December 31 Waste
I2 Input 2 January 1 Waste O5 Output 5 Emitted to Air
I3 Input 3 Produced On-site O6 Output 6 Discharge to POTW
I4 Input 4 Brought On-site O7 Output 7 Surface Water Release
O1 Output 1 Chemically Altered O8 Output 8 Treated On-site
O2 Output 2 Shipped as Product O9 Output 9 Recovered On-site
O3 Output 3 Shipped as Waste O10 Output 10 Disposed On-site
      O11 Output 11 December 31 Inventory

Reportable amounts of fumes, dusts, and grindings from articles made of metal are based on estimates by taking 5 percent of the recycled scrap weight
(1) Transferred Away: Output2 + Output3
(2) Environmental Releases: Output5 + Output6 + Output7 + Output10
(3) Usage: Input1 + Input3 + Input4 - Output11