ISC Noncompliance / Enforcement Summary

Wastewater Discharge Permits are issued to Significant Industrial Users of the wastewater collection system in Eugene. The permit contains effluent limitations, conditions and self-monitoring requirements. Any violation of the permit limitations, conditions or requirements are responded to according to the city's Enforcement Response Guide.

Listed below are recent wastewater discharge permit violations with the corresponding enforcement response which have occurred in the past 12 months.

IndustryDate of ViolationNature of ViolationCity Response
BowTech - Anodizing12/30/19 Second month in a 12-month period with effluent limit violation(s) - pHNotice of Violation
BowTech - Anodizing12/31/19 Failure to report an effluent limit violation within 24 hoursNotice of Violation
BowTech - Anodizing01/04/20 Failure to submit a certified lab report within 5 days of becoming aware a violation occurred.Notice of Violation
BowTech Inc. dba WaterDog Surface Technologies10/04/19 2nd month in a 12-month period with effluent limit violations (total zinc)Notice of Violation
Murphy Plywood Company01/06/20 Incomplete or inaccurate reportTelephone Call
Murphy Plywood Company10/08/19 Incomplete or inaccurate reportTelephone Call
Ninkasi Brewing Company, LLC08/03/19 Improper sampling or analytical procedures used, no intentNotice of Noncompliance
Ninkasi Brewing Company, LLC09/01/19 Improper sampling or analytical procedure used, no intentNotice of Noncompliance
Oregon Ice Cream Company, LLC01/18/20 4th month with an effluent limit violation in a 12-month period - pHNotice of Violation
Quality Metal Finishing, Inc08/17/19 Failure to comply with any other condition or requirement of a Wastewater Discharge Permit (no intent)Notice of Noncompliance
Superior Steel Fabrication10/15/19 Any report (other than a noncompliance report) late by more than 30 daysAdministrative Compliance Order
Willamette Valley Company Northwest Operations01/02/20 First month with a violation in a 12 month period - Total ZincNotice of Noncompliance
Willamette Valley Company Northwest Operations07/10/19 Any incomplete or inaccurate report or any report improperly signed or certifiedTelephone Call

Note: For violations of effluent limitations where the analytical result is less than or equal to 1.2 times the permitted effluent limitation, or is less than 0.2 pH units above or below a permitted effluent pH range, the City will not assess an administrative penalty for that violation. The violation will, however, be recorded and treated as a permit violation for all other purposes, including the calculation of Significant Noncompliance. (From Enforcement Response Guide Note 4).